Interim Management

Why hire an interim Manager

High level performance: An interim manager leads transformation and change, getting projects in place, quickly and effectively. The Manager is capable of adapting to new environments and delivering immediate results, not just analysis. Unlike a permanent employee who is typically given a honeymoon period to settle in, the interim manager will start delivering results within five days, identifying quick wins and long term potentials.

No emotional attachments to company: Interim managers can speak openly to clients about changes a company should make to achieve its goals. They do not expect to have a long career within the company, so they tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Interim managers are not interested in office politics.

Knowledge transfer: Interim managers are highly skilled, and brought into organizations to strengthen capabilities. Their purpose is to effect change and roll out processes which can then be transferred to permanent employees within a defined time period.

Value for money and immediate availability: Interim managers are faster and more cost-effective solution. You get highly specialized expertise with proven management capabilities at fixed costs in record time. They can work for any company size and may be suitable for an SME that lacks skills in certain areas but is not able to justify employing someone full time.

What we do for you

We work on a project basis to solve your problems. We can fill gaps or take on strategic roles. We deliver results quickly before moving on to the next assignment. Depending on your needs, we replace, supplement or coach your managers on a short- or long-term basis. We help you develop and execute practical strategies to navigate successfully through the change process.