Performance Management

Business Performance increase

IME Management is a business performance consultant acting in a wide area of business subjects:

- Strategy Development
- Sales Performance
- Process Excellence
- Cost Management
- Financial Management

IME Management will analyze processes within the entire supply chain and activities of an organization and deliver concrete solutions. It will produce significant and lasting increases in profits and cash-flows for its clients.

Today prices are mainly determined by a competitive market environment. Organizations have to focus on process optimizations and cost reductions. IME Management will help its clients to efficiently govern resources, use facts and information properly, actively manage performance, speed up decisions, set benchmarks, handle complexity and demand integration.

IME Management versus traditional Consulting Companies:

Target Orientation: The aim is to achieve SMART profit results.
Execution Power: Profits are made from doing not talking or meeting.
Aggressiveness: Stand-up for your views, demand accomplishment of targets
Hands on: Keep your hands dirty.
Speed: 80% in time instead of 100% never.